Young People Serving – Yeah!!!

I was able to see god while I was serving. When I was delivering new furniture to a woman with 3 young kids, I saw there was only  one mattress in their house. That showed me that I have it better than most people. And it made me feel thankful.
– Luke R

Here’s a new way that the Love INC Southwest  staff is mobilizing volunteers…through kids! This past week each of the 3 members of our staff got a teen to serve people in need.

Our Executive Director Joe was asked by a man in his Bible Study if there was a place the man’s son could serve with Love INC this summer. His son Luke is second from the right in the picture at the top of this post. Clearinghouse Coordinator Jeanne got her son Jack to serve too. He’s the tall one, furthest to the right. Jeanne and her family, as well as Luke’s family attend Willow Creek Community Church.

And Volunteer Coordinator Tabitha got in the act as well. Her daughter Heaven (you can figure out which one she is) served 3 days this week! The man in between the two boys above is Glenn, a loyal volunteer from Village Church of Barrington. Tabitha and Heaven attend Harvest Bible Chapel in Lake Zurich.

an adult and 2 youth serving
Larry, Luke and Heaven Loading Bed Platforms

This kind of story makes us at Love INC feel proud of the work God has us doing. And that’s not to mention what a joy it is to work alongside fine young people like Luke, Heaven and Jack (and of course awesome, dedicated volunteers like Larry and Glenn!)

Oh yeah, here’s the icing on the cake. Below you see the family they were serving, sitting on one of the new beds we brought them. Hope that makes you smile too. It makes God smile!


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