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What’s this “Business Guy” Doing on a Ladder?

John Hanging Martha’s Gutters

Meet John Maxwell. John is an accomplished businessman and sales trainer. He has served as a volunteer with Love INC Southwest since 2011. John has helped us in many ways, including teaching our Board how to raise funds, providing a sales training workshop and donating the proceeds to Love INC (check out his Sandler Training site) and serving on our Resource Development Team for several years.

Most any time we see John, he’s in a business suit and tie, looking very professional. So what’s he doing, on a Saturday afternoon, wearing a hoodie, up on a ladder?

John has served countless hours with Love INC in a trainer/consultant capacity. But he’s been asking us for a while to give him an opportunity to get out where the real action happens, out in the “field” serving clients.

Well last weekend we finally gave John his wish. We have been serving a wonderful lady named Martha for months now. One of her biggest needs was completing some significant repairs on her home which were left undone when she ran out of money. We’ve had several work days at Martha’s house that have included many volunteers from our partner churches. And John got to go out with the crew to finish up the job.

The Rest of the Crew (Larry the Leader on the left)

John is currently writing up a description of his experience serving with the crew at Martha’s house, and we look forward to posting that here. In the meantime, join us in thanking God for him (and the rest of these guys). And while you’re at it, ask God if he might want to put you up on a ladder to serve his people sometime soon! (Click Here for Volunteer Information)

One thought on “What’s this “Business Guy” Doing on a Ladder?”

  1. Way to go John M – love seeing it. And I know you loved serving!

    It is so encouraging and motivating to see people reach out to help others – something that Love, INC mobilizes the church to do. Thank you all for all you do! You are a gift from God!!

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