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Serving is an Answer to Prayer

I have been seeking employment for 5 years and praying for God to show me His plan for my life during this time. It appears to me that using my skills to serve with Love INC is the answer to that prayer.

volunteer nancy cWhat Nancy didn’t know while she was praying that prayer, was that at the same time, we were praying that God would send someone with her skills to serve with us. One thing we never have enough of is people who are wired to understand systems and processes.

In the 4 years Love INC Southwest has been operating, we have “created” many ways of doing the things we do. But as we’ve grown we’ve become painfully aware that we needed to put some structure and definition to our operation.

Not only was Nancy the perfect person to meet this huge need, but her name has become synonymous with “well organized and well thought-out.” Our staff can frequently be heard saying things like, “What we need to do that job right is a Nancy C!” And God is using Nancy’s skills beyond our walls. Nancy created a process and procedure manual for us that has become an invaluable tool. But the word got out that we had this manual, and others are asking for copies of it. To quote Nancy again:

The manual was created with the idea of providing a document for gaining and internal reference. But, God has used the document to generate interest in the services Love INC provides. That is way beyond what was originally envisioned. Outsiders are requesting copies, which is very cool.

Spoken like a true operations champion. Thank you Nancy, thank you God! If Nancy’s story inspires you to explore how God may want to use your gifts and skills, whatever they may be, use the Volunteer menu above, or click here to complete a Volunteer Application.

One thought on “Serving is an Answer to Prayer”

  1. Nancy did a great job of getting all of our procedures and processes out of our minds and into an organized, user friendly tool! Thank you, God for sending administrative people, like Nancy, to be a part of our team! We continue to pray for more volunteers, uniquely wired to help us to love our community in the name of Christ!

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