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New God Miracles, pt. 2

A Love INC Southwest Love Story (pt. 2 of 2)
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by Tabitha Nilson

Last week we introduced you to Deb, a Love INC client-turned-volunteer who continues to be blessed by the mobilized Church. I had taken her to a medical appointment where she was given news from her doctor that was nothing short of miraculous. But Deb’s diagnosis of life wasn’t the end of the story that day.

During our time together, Deb told me more about the loving volunteers, Carol and Martha (from Lifebridge Community Church), who had been giving her rides. She used words like, “classy yet humble.” And she shared how welcoming they have been to her. She went on to describe how Larry, another of our beloved volunteers came over to check on a leak in her basement which has produced black mold. (More on that below.)

In part 1 of Deb’s story, I mentioned the car she couldn’t part with, but which desperately needed to be replaced. As part of embracing her new life, she decided to let go of the old car and its painful association with the son she lost. She received $300 for the car from a salvage yard. Deb was grateful for the money, but she was still without a car.

Deb found out that one of her neighbors was selling a jeep that ran well but needed a battery and a hose replaced. The seller wanted $500 for the jeep. Deb told him she had $300 in hand and he said, “OK.” He even blessed her by replacing the hose himself!

I believe letting go of the car was Deb’s first huge step toward grieving the loss of her son. And removal of the death-threat medical diagnosis was God’s way of helping her decide that she truly wants to live.

And the car seems to be God’s provision for Deb’s future. Before all this happened, going on disability and awaiting the end of her life seemed to be her only option. She had no way to get to a job and a life-threatening diagnosis was hanging over her head.

But now Deb’s focus is on getting a battery for her “new” jeep, then going out to apply for jobs!

Before I left Deb after her life-changing doctor appointment a little over a week ago, we prayed and thanked God for all the blessings in her life. As she got out of my car she said “I love you!” Then she popped her head back in and asked when she could call me to get back to volunteering again!

So, we couldn’t provide the car Deb needed when she called Love INC in the first place. But through Love INC, LifeBridge and others partnering together, God used us to transform a woman’s life by loving her, encouraging her and not giving up on her.

Deb still has a lot of healing ahead of her, but I believe that God has great plans for her life.

Oh yeah…the mold in Deb’s basement! This past week we sent a team of 3 volunteers to work on it. (The team consisted of Larry, our Construction Team Leader, Mark from Village Church of Barrington, and Luke, a High School student serving with us this summer who attends Willow Creek Community Church.) Larry has experience dealing with moldy drywall, so he equipped his team with the proper equipment, they replaced the drywall and removed the mold! More bad stuff removed from Deb’s life! (Deb cried tears of joy and appreciation when the job was done.)

All that’s left for me is to quote Deb one more time: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Love you guys, a million times thank you!” 😉

Tabitha Nilson
Love INC Southwest
Volunteer Coordinator

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  1. Thank you for sharing God’s goodness to Deb – and how he is using you and Love, INC to be an instrument of restoration. Very cool!

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