New God Miracles, pt. 1

A Love INC Southwest Love Story (pt. 1 of 2)
by Tabitha Nilson

Love INC has been working with Deb for about 2 years now. When she came to us, her reason for calling was to seek help paying an electric bill. But a bigger need she had was a car. The one she had was not drivable and was too costly to repair. But the car had meaning to Deb well beyond transportation. It was the last tangible connection to her son who had been killed.

No matter the issue that gets people to call us, we try to uncover other needs they have so we can mobilize local churches around them. We also look for ways to connect them to community, including challenging them to volunteer with us.

In Deb’s case, she volunteered at our clearinghouse. And through these interactions we got to know her and we saw the pain she was carrying from the loss of her son. At times she shared that she wanted to die and be with her son again. However, she also said that coming to Love INC and volunteering with us lifted her spirits. We could tell she enjoyed the time she spent serving with our staff and other volunteers.

About 6 months ago Deb started having medical issues which forced her to stop volunteering. We connected her with volunteers from Lifebridge Community Church (where Deb had once attended) for rides to her doctor appointments. Carol and Martha faithfully took Deb for blood tests, ultrasounds, and cat scans.

Unfortunately, Deb’s condition seemed to go from bad to worse and about a month ago, she received some really bad news. Her doctor told her she had a liver condition which, were it not treated, could be fatal. Deb was still struggling emotionally and she admitted to us that she had considered just letting her condition run its course.

But after a few weeks (with many people praying for her), Deb decided that she wanted to live. However, she was then worried because she had waited to begin treatment.

Deb’s appointment with the specialist was scheduled for Friday of last week. Unfortunately, neither of her regular drivers were available to take her. I couldn’t find another volunteer to give Deb a ride, so I decided to take her myself. I now believe that this was an assignment from God.

When Deb came out of the doctor’s office after her appointment, she was wearing a big smile. To my amazement, she told me that she was FINE! The doctor told her that he didn’t have an answer or a reason for it, but her last blood test came back completely normal. Death was no longer lurking in the shadows for Deb.

Without hesitation I told her, “It was God. I just witnessed another miracle.” (I’ve gotten used to seeing God do things at Love INC that are nothing short of miraculous.) Deb said she was thinking the same thing.

At this point I shared with her that when I found God, I was miraculously healed of a disease that I had for 17 years, and from which I had almost died. There is no mistaking that we have an awesome God, who loves us with an amazing love, and who to this day still uses His healing touch on His children!

Deb wore a look of shock the whole ride home. But as we drove, she started telling me how she felt that all of a sudden, everything in her life was falling into place. I felt like I was watching someone come back to life.

There’s more to this story of God’s work in Deb’s life. But you’ll have to wait until next week’s post to hear the rest!
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Tabitha Nilson
Love INC Southwest
Volunteer Coordinator

3 thoughts on “New God Miracles, pt. 1”

  1. All I can say is Wow! I was away for a week and look how things have turned around! God truly does miracles everyday! What a blessing to hear of this latest true Love Story. I pray that Deb will continue to feel the personal, intimate love of a God who knows her, sees her and saves her!
    We can never “out give” our God!

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