St. Matthew Shares Space & Grace

Nancy Stavnes, one of our board members from St. Matthew shares why she serves. “I was at a point in my life where my kids are grown and I felt I wanted to give back to my community. I was also looking to do that through a Christian organization that not only helped people monetarily or with physical things but spirituality. Helping people grow in their faith and therefore enhance their everyday life. Everyone struggles in different areas and Love INC was there to help in a variety of methods.” ❤️

Bonnie McLoud and Daryl Voska, also members of St. Matthew, are partnering with us and sharing their gifts. Bonnie recently joined our team as our volunteer bookkeeper and Daryl has provided beautiful storage space for the many ways we show and share God’s Grace.

Want to partner with our purpose in Christ and offer help and hope? Fill our new space with ways to share God’s grace.

  • $25 Fresh Starts — A new set of sheets
  • $120 Caring for Kids — Gift kids with the dignity of their own bed
  • $200 Fit for a Queen — Provide comfort and encouragement through the gift of a good night’s sleep
  • $500 Family Package — A Queen and 2 Twin beds, plus sheets

Our Dignity of a Decent Bed program is more than just a bed. Delivered with prayer and an invitation to join the family of God . . . It’s sharing the Good News of Christ with a world in need of hope and grace. Thank you to all our partners. May God bless the work of our hands!