Give: Furniture and Other Items

Donating Tangible Items to Love INC

When we found the office suite that would become our clearinghouse, one of the ways we knew God had saved it for us was the fact that the space included eight hundred square feet of warehouse. We knew that generous-hearted people would want to give items that people in need could use. Although our warehouse is relatively small, we turn items over quickly.

We do all we can to respect the dignity of our guests. For that reason, our motto for folks wanting to donate furniture is:

If you wouldn't give it to Jesus, don't give it to us!

The items we focus on are those for which people may have an urgent need, including:


  • • Beds (always in great demand)
  • • Sofas/Loveseats
  • • Upholstered Chairs
  • • Table and Chair Sets
  • • Dressers
  • • Lamps
  • • Basic Kitchen Items


Appliances (must be in very good working order)

  • • Refrigerators
  • • Stoves
  • • Dishwashers