Young People Serving – Yeah!!!

I was able to see god while I was serving. When I was delivering new furniture to a woman with 3 young kids, I saw there was only  one mattress in their house. That showed me that I have it better than most people. And it made me feel thankful.
– Luke R

Here’s a new way that the Love INC Southwest  staff is mobilizing volunteers…through kids! This past week each of the 3 members of our staff got a teen to serve people in need. Continue reading Young People Serving – Yeah!!!

Good Referrals – A Link in “The Chain”

Rarely if ever does a person in need get everything required to address their situation from one source. There are often multiple people, churches, agencies, etc. involved in helping a client move from Problem A to Solution B.

One way to look at this is to imagine a “chain of care” that God puts together to address the unique needs of every one of His children who is hurting. Anyone who takes part in caring for that person represents one link in the chain. (The strongest and most vital link in the chain is always God, of course.) Continue reading Good Referrals – A Link in “The Chain”

Transformation – Now and Not Yet

Some of our greatest joys at Love INC in the past few years have come from seeing the people we serve make real progress in their lives. And often there’s an event that everyone walking alongside a particular client or family has been waiting for. A full-time job, a car,  etc. And when a client reaches that milestone, there is legitimate cause for celebration, congratulations and giving thanks to God. Continue reading Transformation – Now and Not Yet

Mobilizing Local Churches to Transform Lives in Christ