Say “Yes” to Jewel Stamps!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help people with limited resources while you shop…for free? Now you can! Just make sure that when you shop at Jewel, and they offer you stamps with your receipt, you say “YES!” You might even tell the checker that you’re saving the stamps for Love INC Southwest (spread the word!)

Jewel Osco’s latest promotion provides a Saver Stamp for every $10 Unknownyou spend, which can be used toward FREE Cuisinart cookware!

You can collect the stamps and give them to Love INC, or redeem them for cookware and donate that. If you would prefer to donate the actual pots and pans, these are the ones we need most:

  • 10-inch open nonstick skillet
  • 2 qt covered pourpan
  • 12-inch everyday pan with handles
  • 3 qt covered pourpan

Unknown-1If our churches pull together, who knows how many items we can collect? Please join us in our effort to bless people with the gift of beautiful cookware…at no cost to you!

If you have questions, or stamps to give us, contact Tabitha Nilson our Volunteer Coordinator (Click on her name for here contact page!)

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