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We Treasure Moms in Our Hearts

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Click to enlarge the graphic of the Moms’ Names

On a typical day at Love INC Southwest, frequently heard names/titles include: God, Jesus, Church, volunteer, staff, Board Member and more. But quite possibly, the name or term that is most often on our lips is this one: Mom.

This Mother’s Day, Love INC Southwest gives thanks to God for creating moms. Those we serve as clients often become our heroes and role models. (And the mothers we serve alongside who are staff members, board members and volunteers are an amazing bunch too.)

Thank you God, for these special moms we’ve served in the past year!

Aide, Alisa, Amey, Amita, Amy, Angelica, Ann, AnnaMaria, April, Arissa Ann, Babara, Bianca, Blanca, Bridget, Brittany, Carmen, Caroline, Cathleen, Chantell, Charmaine, Christina, Christine, Christy, Cristina, Darlene, Dawn, Deb, Debbie, Deborah, Debra, Dora, Dotty, Elizabeth, Elizamar, Emily, Erin, Ernestine, Ethel, Farrah, Felipa, Gabriele, Heather, Isabel, Jacquelyn, Jasmine, Jean Marie, Jeanette, Jeanne, Jen, Jennie, Jessica, Josie, Julie, Kaiata, Karelia, Karen, Karla, Kathaleen, Katie, Kelly, Kiara, Kim, Kimberly, Kina, Kristin, Krystle, LaDonna, Lamika, Lapretta, Latonya, Laurie, Linda, Linette, Lisa, Liz, Lluvia, Lori, Margaret, Maria, Marianna, Martha, Mayra, Michelle, Monica, Myia, Nichole, Nicole, Pattie, Peggy, Piebad, Pilar, Randy, Raymona, Rebecca, Reginald, Rose Marie, Rozlyn, Ruby, Ruth, Samantha, Sandra, Sean, Shakela, Shanda, Shannon, Shantae, Sonya, Stacey, Tajuana, Tamisha, Tammy, Tanya, Tazjah, Terrie, Theresa, Tina, Tracie, Trista, Tykia, Vicky, Virginia

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