A Chain of Hands

Mentoring Young Men

Love INC often tells stories of single moms and their kids that God has sent, for the Church to serve. But in the past few weeks he has put two young men in our path who are deeply in need of the mobilized Church.

Both of these guys are under 20 years old, with broken families that have little left to give them, including shelter. And both need other men to come alongside them at this critical time in their lives.seedling-heart

One of them has a temporary place to stay while he works and figures out next steps. The other may soon be in the PADS system and is seeking a steady job.

Love INC has put the word out asking for various kinds of support for these guys, with the biggest need being prayer. We know without a doubt that God has a plan for both of them. We also know that God works in mighty ways through the Body of the Church.

The cycle of broken adults raising broken children goes on and on. It is our hope and prayer that these young men, both of whom are asking for help and guidance, can receive the support they need from God’s people. We want to see the curses on their lives lifted. We firmly believe that if they get the support they need, they can reach for the stars!

Thankfully God seems to be forging a chain of love and care for them. That’s often how God works. He rarely uses just one or two people or organizations. He brings together many people and churches and other resources, each one representing one link in the chain that will provide exactly what his broken children need.

Please join us in giving thanks to God that at least 6 men have raised a hand and offered to mentor these young guys. We are meeting as a group next week to talk and pray about the next steps God is laying out for Love INC and the Church! This is God’s Church at it’s best!

One thought on “Mentoring Young Men”

  1. I will continue to pray for the mission of Love INC and especially for the young men that need another man in their lives. May our great God fill these men the right “stuff’ to accept direction and those that will provide the direction and listening.

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