God, Keep Our Hearts Soft

God’s heart is always soft. May ours look ever more like his!

Confession time. For those of us who work regularly with people in need, the Christmas Season brings many challenges. One of the most surprising can be a hardening heart. How could that happen during this season, right?

The problem is, the needs of the under-resourced are many, at any given time. But at Christmastime, the needs are magnified for lots of reasons. Our clients feel the pressure, and so do we.

Last week a member of our staff, who has a HUGE heart for people in need, started to feel some heart-hardening going on. A mom we had worked with many times called and wanted to be part of our Christmas program. But the person had a history of not always doing their part, not always following-through on what we asked her to do to help herself.

Our staff person had always been firm, but also loving. And they had ALWAYS prayed for this mom and her children whenever they talked. But this week, the frustration level was too high. Boundaries were set appropriately. But at the end of the conversation…no prayer. Our staff member immediately realized the signs of a hardening heart, and asked us to pray that God keep it soft, which we did.

Not long after, the mom walked back in the office and said, “You know, you always prayed for me before. I really need it, and my kids REALLY need it. Would you please pray for us now?” Our staff person prayed on the spot, saw tears in the family’s eyes, and felt their own heart getting soft again.

Our prayer is that God will keep your heart soft, even when the craziness of this season threatens to get the better of you. God’s heart is always soft. May ours look ever more like his!

2 thoughts on “God, Keep Our Hearts Soft”

  1. Thanks for that post Joe! I never thought about God having a soft heart, but you’re absolutely right! As a friend had taught me to pray in the past- for a soft heart and loose neck (as opposed to a stiff neck, as spoken against in Scripture), and I add a broken self-will (to do God’s will). I prayed this for us all.

    Keep up the great work Love INC.!

    We miss / love Bob Cloud!


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