Christmas in July

Yesterday I felt the warmth of heart that normally comes only with Christmas. However, I felt it on July 16. What could make my heart comic_characters_filmmaker_clip_art_25040-2feel like it was Christmas in July? Love INC Southwest video day.

Yesterday was the day we shot what has become the annual Love INC Southwest video to be shown at our September Fundraiser Breakfast and throughout the year. And the gift of seeing our clients, volunteers, a partner church liaison, staff and even a Board Member sharing their experiences of serving and being served by God through our ministry touched my heart and my soul.

For almost 6 straight hours we watched people tell how God has blessed them through our ministry. Friendships and “spiritual families” have been created, clients have turned to servants of others, people have gotten jobs, some have dependable transportation where there was none before.

The real theme of the day was:

“I would not be where I am today were it not for the love, support, encouragement and resources God poured out on me through the people of Love INC.”

To everyone who has been a part of Love INC Lake County Southwest (Board Members, Volunteers, Staff Members, Pastors, Churches, Local Agencies, Donors and more), this means you. Lives are being changed through Love INC’s partnership with you!

Can you feel the love? I hope so. Sometime in August the video will be ready and we’ll preview it here. In the meantime, give thanks for the mighty work God is doing in SW Lake County. And let yourself feel Christmas in July!

Joe Besenjak
Executive Director

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July”

  1. It is so true about the small things that people consider “nothing” being such big things to people who have nobody to care about them.
    I know that all the small touches in my life from the people at Love INC have made such a huge impact on me, I am stronger and look forward to a brighter future.

  2. I agree Joe! It felt like a family reunion as clients, volunteers and staff told the stories and were reminded of where they were when we first met them and how far they have come! We remembered the ups and the downs throughout the journey and through it all, the mighty hand of God creating a beautiful love story. I am constantly amazed at how he allows us to be a part of His work on Earth.

  3. A small thing or small touch that God weaves into the life of someone to produce a huge impact becomes a huge impact on BOTH lives. Like Joe, I am warmed to my toes at hearing all of the Love Stories that are a result of clients serving and being served by volunteers, church members, caring people in our community agencies and each other.

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