Used Mowers Fill the Gaps

Can the grass be too green on our side of the fence? We found that the answer is “yes” when we recently had 3 requests in a row from single mothers who weren’t able to mow the lawns of their Section 8 residences.

Clip Art Illustration of a Hispanic Girl Mowing the LawnIt wasn’t that they didn’t want to do the work (or have their teens do it). The problem was lack of equipment. None of them had a mower to cut their grass. So the atypical requests came to Love INC.

We went to our first and always best resource, our partner churches. Proving once again that God can use absolutely anything He wants to provide for His people in need (including a few local garage sales), we were soon in possession of 3 used but functioning lawn mowers!

There are at least 2 things we want you to be aware of in this story.

1. Often the people we serve need things we take for granted. At my house, we pay a girl from the neighborhood $20 each week to mow our lawn. I haven’t owned a lawn mower for years. But if I decided to cut my own grass again, I would likely have the means to go and buy one. These things aren’t options for most Love INC clients.

2. God may be writing an amazing love story with 1, 2 or all 3 of these used mowers. We are being reminded almost daily of the ways God can take seemingly small things and use them in mighty ways to reveal His glory. There’s no reason to doubt that He is up to something in the lives of everyone involved in these stories (and that’s not limited to the lives of the clients).

It’s so much fun to watch God at work around us!

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