Love INC helps churches care for people in need.

These are just some of the love stories God is writing through the ministry of Love INC Lake County Southwest. He is a God of transformation!


The Love INC Southwest Video is Here!

Watch our video to see an overview of the ministry of Love INC Lake County Southwest. We are most grateful to our corporate sponsor Walgreens who sponsored this video.

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Breakfast Benefit a Success!

“We all have unique assets, intellectual capital, etc., within our organizations that—if repurposed or redirected—can let you do good while doing good business.”

 --Greg Wasson, President and CEO of Walgreens

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Formerly Homeless Man Helps Bless Others

Jeremy01Once homeless, Jeremy now helps other kids who are sleeping on the floor. The manager of American Mattress on Rte 12 in Lake Zurich wasn’t shy about sharing his struggles. “I was homeless when I was 8 years old,” he told Love INC recently. Jeremy and others from the store are no stranger to hard times.

That’s why when one of our volunteers went in to ask what happens to the mattresses they “haul away” when they deliver new beds to people, Jeremy was very open to the idea of giving some of them to Love INC. When we told him about the enormous number of kids who sleep on the floor every night, he immediately wanted to be part of the solution. Jeremy first arranged for Love INC to send a volunteer to the place where they keep mattresses that will soon be discarded, to choose some of the best mattresses for donation to families in need. And now, they have switched to giving us only brand new mattresses!

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Safe House to New House

safe house kids paulThe family was living in a safe house after the mom's boyfriend beat her one too many times. She's still receiving from injuries from the last beating. They were moving into a new home, through Section 8 housing. They moved into the house without much in terms of possessions, other than the clothes on their backs. We were able to provide many items that they needed to get set-up, including beds, dressers and other furniture, a washing machine, pots, pans and dishes.

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Mobilizing All Ages

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I'm pretty sure Dominic Baldacci is the youngest volunteer we've mobilized so far. Dominic is the grandson of Pastor Craig Baldacci, a great friend of Love INC Lake County SW. Dominic won the bike he's pictured with at a picnic recently. His mom Andrea and his Grandma Marmie asked him if, since he already had a bike, he might want to give the bike to another kid who didn't have one. He liked the idea just fine, and asked his Grandpa Craig to help him find a child with a need.

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God's Love Ramps Up

Love INC Lake County Southwest has been working with a disabled single father since late 2010. Not only has Bill's advancing illness kept him from working, but it has made it harder and harder for him to get up the steps to the mobile home where he lives with his two children. Enter God, in the form of 5 local churches!

After thoroughly assessing Bill's story and situation, Love INC decided that the best way to help Bill try and move his life forward for himself and his family was to make sure he could enter and exit their home safely.

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