Building a Spiritual Family

In 2013 we began walking alongside a very special family made up of a legally blind mom (Vicky), her 2 visually impaired children, and a dad who had significant health issues and was living elsewhere.

(Click HERE to see Vicky in our most recent Love INC SW Video)

The first contact with Love INC came when a local social worker called looking for help paying one of Vicky’s bills. But Love INC never stops with the first need a caller presents. “What else does the family need?” our Clearinghouse Coordinator asked the social worker.”

“Oh, I can’t event tell you. There’s too much,” was the reply. To which our CC replied, “No matter what it is, it’s not too much for God.”

Truer words were never spoken. The social worker outlined a long list of needs, some of which were big and complex. In the 2 years that have passed since we first encountered this family, we have mobilized volunteers from local churches around them in so many ways, it’s almost too much for us to keep track of (but not too much for God!)

Our favorite way to describe it is to say, “We built a spiritual family around them.” We not only helped the social worker find more services to help, but we brought people into their lives who simply became family. The kids got 2 sets of new “grandparents”. Vicky got  companionship, rides to the store, to doctor appointments, and even help when she went for eye surgery.

Today, the entire family is living together again (Dad too). Vicky’s surgery was a success and he has regained a significant amount of her vision. Love INC was able to secure a grant to help pay for the little boy to attend a special school to meet his needs until he could enter the public school system. None of it was too big for God.

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