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Love Story: Four Churches Helped a Single Mom and Her Son

Vicky was referred to us by Love INC Lake County NE because she was closer to our area. Vicky did not have all the money she needed for her September rent. She and her son Michael were facing the real possibility of eviction from their apartment. We completed an intake and one of our volunteers found an appropriate way to reach out to Vicky and bless her with a few needed items. But she still needed the rest of the money for her rent.

As part of the verification process we spoke with her landlord. He told us that he saw potential in Vicky and that he was hopeful she could get back on her feet. He said he wanted to give her some grace and that if she could come up with the rest of her rent she would not be evicted. Love INC Lake County SW contacted several partner churches in the area to see if anyone would consider helping Vicky make up the shortfall. At the time Vicky was not attending a local church. One of our partners stepped-up to help. And not only did they approve the financial assistance, but the pastor of that church drove the check to the landlord to make sure he got it as soon as possible. We had the blessing of telling Vicky that she would not be evicted. Before we ended our conversation with her in prayer we asked her about any other immediate needs.

She told us that there had been an error in food stamp allocation and she was short on food as well as rent. This had resulted in her not being able to buy anything to celebrate her son’s 18th birthday the following week. Vicky said through tears that she could not give him a cake or any gifts. We had a feeling God could provide a birthday celebration for Michael. We contacted some of the churches and individuals we're connected with, including a pastor in Vicky’s area. Eleven people (including seven kids) showed up on Michael’s birthday with a cake and presents, and they celebrated with him and his mom. And perhaps the best part is that Vicky has started attending the church of the pastor who came to celebrate with them!



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