Breakfast Benefit a Success!

“We all have unique assets, intellectual capital, etc., within our organizations that—if repurposed or redirected—can let you do good while doing good business.”

 --Greg Wasson, President and CEO of Walgreens

On September 15th, 2012 we held the First Annual breakfast to benefit the ministry of Love INC Lake County Southwest. Nearly 120 people, many of them new to Love INC, heard Greg Wasson’s talk which was titled, Doing Good While Doing Good Business. Greg's talk was both insightful and inspiring.

I believe Greg’s words as quoted above are absolutely true. Every person and every organization have something significant to contribute to the lives of others. One of the reasons these words resonate so much with me is that they echo some foundational words from scripture.

1 Corinthians 12 is all about the way God created us, and the Body of Christ. All followers of Jesus are given unique spiritual gifts that empower them to do the work God intends for them to do. And the Church, the Body of Christ is compared to the human body, which is made up of many different parts, all with a specific role to play.

Thanks to all who made this event one of the most significant in the history of Love INC Lake County Southwest!