Formerly Homeless Man Helps Bless Others

Jeremy01Once homeless, Jeremy now helps other kids who are sleeping on the floor. The manager of American Mattress on Rte 12 in Lake Zurich wasn’t shy about sharing his struggles. “I was homeless when I was 8 years old,” he told Love INC recently. Jeremy and others from the store are no stranger to hard times.

That’s why when one of our volunteers went in to ask what happens to the mattresses they “haul away” when they deliver new beds to people, Jeremy was very open to the idea of giving some of them to Love INC. When we told him about the enormous number of kids who sleep on the floor every night, he immediately wanted to be part of the solution. Jeremy first arranged for Love INC to send a volunteer to the place where they keep mattresses that will soon be discarded, to choose some of the best mattresses for donation to families in need. And now, they have switched to giving us only brand new mattresses!

Many people dont realize that, of all the furniture items that are given to various charities, beds are the most needed and least available. Our hearts are incredibly blessed by the generosity of Jeremy and his associates at American Mattress in Lake Zurich. We thank them, and all the kids who will no longer be forced to sleep on the floor thank them too!

And the blessings continue! We now have at least 1 partner church, and a local Eagle Scout working on a project to build bed frames. And to top it off, we're coordinating linen drives among our partners, which will allow us to equip families with full bed sets, ready to sleep in!