Mobilizing All Ages

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10 12 31 0075

I'm pretty sure Dominic Baldacci is the youngest volunteer we've mobilized so far. Dominic is the grandson of Pastor Craig Baldacci, a great friend of Love INC Lake County SW. Dominic won the bike he's pictured with at a picnic recently. His mom Andrea and his Grandma Marmie asked him if, since he already had a bike, he might want to give the bike to another kid who didn't have one. He liked the idea just fine, and asked his Grandpa Craig to help him find a child with a need. 10 12 31 0076

Lucky for us, Pastor Craig knows that Love INC serves families on a regular basis, and that among those families, there was likely a kid or two without a bike! So Craig and Dominic visited the Love INC clearinghouse to drop it off. I'm not sure if we've found the right child to receive this aweseome gift, but I'll keep you posted!

Thanks to God for moving His children of all ages to care for those in need. And thanks to you for having such a big heart, Dominic!