God's Love Ramps Up

Love INC Lake County Southwest has been working with a disabled single father since late 2010. Not only has Bill's advancing illness kept him from working, but it has made it harder and harder for him to get up the steps to the mobile home where he lives with his two children. Enter God, in the form of 5 local churches!

After thoroughly assessing Bill's story and situation, Love INC decided that the best way to help Bill try and move his life forward for himself and his family was to make sure he could enter and exit their home safely.

We found 2 expert project managers, 1 each from 2 different churches, a hospitality team and funding from a third, and volunteers from 2 more. In the end, 15 people gathered around Bill's mobile home on a cloudy Saturday in early August. And with the exception of a few wrap-up items, Bill had a beautiful new handicap ramp by the end of the day.

And Bill's immediate need isn't the only one God has met. One of the churches involved in the ramp has been coming alongside Bill and his children for months, inviting them into community, sharing meals and fellowship, and even engaging Bill in a Bible study. This is truly a story of God's Church mobilized to transform the lives of His people!

One of the coolest parts of the story is that the volunteers who were part of building the handicap ramp for Bill were (if it's possible), even more blessed and touched by God than Bill himself! We all thank God for using so many people to come around one man and his children, and allowing us to bless them in so many ways!