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Churches Turn Stickers Into Love!

Since Christians don't believe in alchemy (turning straw into gold), how did several Love INC Lake County SW partner churches turn a bunch of stickers into an expression of love? From September 2010 through January 2011, Jewel Foods ran a pot and pan promotion, giving shoppers special stickers with their Jewel purchases (1 sticker for every $10 spent). Customers saved the stickers and redeemed them, along with a single penny, for a variety of cookware items, such as roasting pans, skillets and dutch ovens.

Love Story: Four Churches Helped a Single Mom and Her Son

Vicky was referred to us by Love INC Lake County NE because she was closer to our area. Vicky did not have all the money she needed for her September rent. She and her son Michael were facing the real possibility of eviction from their apartment. We completed an intake and one of our volunteers found an appropriate way to reach out to Vicky and bless her with a few needed items. But she still needed the rest of the money for her rent.

Pots and Pans

More info to come

God Multiplies Wheelchairs

Love INC Lake County Southwest was recently asked by our counterpart in Northeast Lake County to find a wheelchair for the disabled daughter of a client in our area. They also needed some basic personal care items. We set out to find the chair and we put one of our partner churches to work on the other items. After literally dozens of phone calls covering at least half of Lake County, the lady in need wound-up with not one, but two wheel-chairs!



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