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There are so many good people in our community driven to serve with compassion. Over the last 20 years, I’ve met wonderful social workers, willing to go the extra mile to help their clients. Elementary school teachers recognize signs of homelessness among their students and help them to find decent housing. As I listen to what motivates them to take action, whether it is careers or a sense of calling… as a Christian, I am compelled to invite the church to be part of this conversation.

Let’s talk! Join together for a night dedicated to a Christian conversation regarding community, care, and compassion.  

For more on Q Commons, watch video below . . .

Create A Better Future | Q Commons

Q Commons, a 2-hour conference designed to engage culture, deepen our thinking and encourage discussion, is coming to Grayslake this Thursday, October 24th! The ultimate goal of the event is to advance good in our communities through discussion of ideas presented by three national speakers: Malcolm Gladwell (Talking to Strangers), Rebecca Lyons (Daily Rhythms), and Francis Chan (True Community) and one live local speaker, our own Kristen “Moxie” Johnson, Executive Director Love INC Southwest.

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