In Step With the Spirit

Jules is my very tall and very Aussie friend. I’m not very tall and not Aussie, but still, we are friends. Jules has a lovely and elegant way about her when she walks. My rhythm tends to be shorter and purposeful like I am always on my way to a meeting. When we walk together, I need to adjust my stride to fit hers. Longer, reaching, and more relaxed steps allow me to fit her style and carry on a conversation!

This reminds me of walking according to the Spirit. His steps have guided me and by His grace, will continue to lead me down the path of His purpose prepared for me. Sometimes it means taking bigger steps than I ever imagined. Often times, the Spirit calls me to slow down and see how He is working in and through the people around me.

I watched Steve’s satisfaction over a recent delivery of new mattresses in our warehouse. Nancy seemed to float off the ground when she thought of a way to help a single mother of four children. When we realized we would not be able to help a desperate mother regain custody of her child, C remarked, “It just hurts the heart.” In all these ways, we are walking in step with the Spirit as we feel His compassion and are compelled to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us.

Kristen “Moxie” Johnson
Executive Director