What Love INC Is and Does

Love INC Southwest Lake County is one of 150 local affiilates of the national ministry, Love In The Name of Christ. For more than 30 years Love INC has been planting affiliates around the country (and now in Kenya) with the sole purpose of bringing together the resources of Christian churches, along with those of local social service agencies, to better serve the needs of God's people in their communities.

All Love INC affiliates share the same mission: To mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ. Our primary purpose is to partner with churches and help get their members out of their seats and into the community, coming alongside people in need. We believe that churches working together can accomplish things for the Kingdom that no church can do alone.

What Love INC Lake County Southwest Is

We are the Church. Love INC is not an agency, nor a para-church organization. We are the Church, acting as the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering to people whose needs cannot be met under their own power. Millions of people are unable to help themselves get out of their challenging circumstances. The government is not the answer. But the living Body of Christ, the Church, is the answer.

What Love INC Does

We are a clearinghouse that assesses needs and refers people to appropriate resources. We are mobiliziers of the Church. All the work accomplished by any Love INC affiliate is done so through the members of partner churches. We are a hub of resources, because no single church can keep track of all the available ways to help the hurting people they encounter. We are strategic, working alongside church partners to determine the very best way to accomplish God's work together, in the Name of Christ. Above all, we are helping the Church to be part of God's response to His hurting world. We do all we can to move people toward community, because that's where transformation is most likely to occur. The majority of people in need do life alone, without loving family and friends to speak into their lives, or even a church family. We try and help clients understand that God's plan for their lives includes other people who can bless them, and who can be blessed by them.