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The Light at the End of the Tunnel


“I was losing hope and now people are helping and encouraging me to help my family. God is there.” ~ Manuel

After six years in Texas caring for ailing parents, Manuel and his family moved back to Mundelein. He had three goals: to find a good job, to get enough money for an apartment, and to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of his family. With only one car, Manuel and his wife, Angie, had to coordinate their work schedules. He quickly found two jobs but was only making minimum wage—not enough to support his wife and their four children.

Shortly after arriving back in the area, Manuel and his family started attending church at The Chapel in Grayslake. They were immediately surrounded by love and support. Friends from The Chapel connected Manuel to Love INC. By working with Love INC, Manuel discovered important resources, such as a Link card and Medicaid, which helped care for his family through these tough times.

Christmas was difficult with no way to buy gifts for the children. When Love INC discovered this, they were able to provide gifts for the children. A few weeks before Manuel contacted Love INC a donor had generously given toys for children in need. Manuel felt truly blessed and brought his family to say thanks to Love INC. He wanted the kids to know that God provided these gifts through his people.

Manuel and his family even faced homelessness when they could no longer stay at a friend’s house. Yet again God provided as an anonymous donor from The Chapel paid for a week stay at a motel. “I can’t believe that people would encourage me to pray and then help me,” said Manuel. The Chapel and Love INC assured him that he was not walking alone.

With prayer and hard work, the doors finally opened. Jewel hired Manuel for a part-time union job as a butcher. When they heard that Angie also was looking for employment, they hired her as well. After a long time in a motel, they finally secured the finances needed to move into their own place where Love INC provided them with needed furniture.

Manuel was so thankful that his family could sit down together and “now can eat at a table.” Each evening a different family member gives thanks to God for their many blessings. “We are rich now Daddy,” said one of the children. Having experienced homelessness, the family is well aware of the value of hard work and the transforming grace of God as their church continues to walk beside them and they seek to help others in need.

“He who gives to the poor will lack nothing.” Proverbs 28: 27

Submitted by Sue Schuerr