Better Together Quilt Campaign

What does it take to show and share love in the name of Christ? It takes hundreds of willing hands and hearts. It takes volunteer board members and receptionists. It takes delivery teams and donors to cover the basic costs of our space for God’s Grace.

Each and every person makes a difference in our ministry of mercy and grace. No action is too small when offered in the name of Christ, and no gift is too big, for God loves the cheerful giver and is able to provide enough to share abundantly.

We are launching our Better Together Quilt Campaign to represent the generosity, beauty, and unity of the body of Christ. For every gift, Julie Fisher will sew your unique piece into this beautiful quilt.

We need 516 PEOPLE to pledge their support and only 50 DAYS to complete the quilt before the end of the year.   

If everyone shows their support, we will piece together $30,000!

That’s enough to provide our space to share God’s grace and show the warmth and compassion of Christ all winter.

There are many parts of the Body of Christ.  
There are many gifts, and gift levels!

  • $10 Beautiful Background Triangle
  • $50  Batik Cutie
  • $100 Batik Large Triangle
  • $250 Bind-Us-Together Binding Tape
  • $500 Bold Border
  • $1000 Back-Us-Up Quilt Backing
  • $2000 Basting Threads