Frequently Asked Questions about Love INC

Q: Who can call Love INC for help?

A: We believe that all people who matter to God. Therefore, anyone with a need can call.


Q: What geographic area does Love INC Lake County Southwest serve?

A: Our primary focus is the southwest quadrant of Lake County. Our service area extends south to Barrington, west to the county line, east to Rt 45/83, and north to the Round Lake area. Click here for a basic map of our footprint.


Q: How can I donate tangible items to Love INC? Can I just drop them off anytime?

A: Click here to see a basic list of the items we are able to take as donations. We ARE NOT able to take donations at all times. Please call our clearinghouse at 847-469-8835 during our hours of operation to make arrangements to bring donated items to us, or to have them picked up by our volunteers.


Q: I have a friend/neighbor in need. Can Love INC call them to find out what they need?

A: In almost every case, we ask that a person in need makes their own call to Love INC. A person may express a very legitimate need to you, but they may not be ready to reach out further at that time. Tell the person how they can get in touch with Love INC and encourage them to call as soon as they can, then leave it up to them to reach out when it's appriate.


Q. Are there other Love INC affilates?

A: Yes. Love INC Lake County Southwest is one of two affiliates currently serving Lake County, Illinois. And we are part of a national network of affilates. At this time, there are approximately 150 Love INC affiliates in 30 states. The first affiliate in Lake County is located in Zion and primarily focuses on the northeast quadrant of the county.