Volunteer Opportunities – Non-Clearinghouse

Roles NOT based at the Love INC clearinghouse in Wauconda

  • Construction Team (various skill levels needed) – Work on individual construction jobs for clients, as well as group projects like bed-builds.
  • Home Repair and Cleaning (various skill levels needed) – Clean, perform minor home repairs, paint, etc. in clients’ homes.
  • Auto Repair (shop owners and professional mechanics) – Donate time and expertise performing repairs to keep clients’ vehicles safe and dependable. Clients pay for parts.
  • Driver – Use your vehicle to provide rides to for medical appointments, the grocery store, church, etc. Both occasional/on-call and regularly scheduled opportunities available.
  • Driver Dialysis Treatment – Love INC SW, through our partner churches, provides rides to residents of Ela Township who undergo regular kidney dialysis treatment. This is a great serving opportunity for someone who has limited time, yet wants to make a huge impact in a person’s life.
  • Professional Consultants – Donate your professional skills as an attorney, medical professional, etc. to help clients in need of those resources who are unable to pay for them.
  • Budget Counselors – Provide 1:1 budget guidance to clients with significant financial issues. (Most have little or no experience with budgets, tracking expenses, etc.)
  • Housing/Financial Consultant – Provide guidance to clients facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc. (guidance does not constitute legal advice)
  • Donations Coordinator – Coordinate/mail thank you letters to donors and sponsors on a weekly basis.

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