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How do Clients “Pay” us Back?

Of course the work we do at Love INC is all about God, mobilizing his church, serving his people and empowering them to change their lives while moving them closer to Christ. And what could be more rewarding than that? Nothing.

However, there are ways the people we serve give back to us and I’ll wager they have little or no idea how much it means to us. How do they “pay” us back? With their love!2014-12-28 09.02.42

The picture to the right was brought to us during our volunteer Christmas celebration a couple weeks ago. We were super-blessed to have a few clients drop by as well. And the McGee family, whom we have loved serving in a variety of ways this year, brought us this beautiful picture and sentiment.

There’s no greater gift our clients can give any of us (Staff, volunteers, Board Members) than showing their appreciation for the blessings God has poured out on them through us. And, doing it with LOVE!!!

2 thoughts on “How do Clients “Pay” us Back?”

  1. My Son and I where very blessed this Christmas as we have been in the past by Love Inc’s incredibly staff of Angels.
    The meek shall inherit the earth, and those who look after them must truly be under the right hand of God, amen.

    Blessings, Jason.

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