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I Used To Be Your Neighbor

“I used to be your neighbor.” That’s what’s written on the cardboard sign that the man is holding in the picture above. Mark (a new client) got connected with Love INC through one of our partner churches. He is currently homeless, has no car, no license, no job and no soles left on his shoes.

I got to spend a little time talking to Mark, during which he shared some of his recent experiences, including his usual sleeping routine. The previous night, he had slept on a park bench, until the town (a suburb in SW Lake County) started to come to life and woke him, around 6am. It had rained the night before and his toes were soaked because of his worn shoes. And yet, while Mark and I were talking, he was smiling and joking around as if he didn’t have a care in the world. “How could this be?” I wondered.

There’s often little we can do to address the critical need of the homeless to have a roof over their heads. But we do what we can. We were able to help Mark make some phone calls and even to create a flyer to use in trying to find odd jobs. He even found a way to pitch-in, helping us rehab a trailer for a single-mom. I feel his heart is genuine. He isn’t offering help because he wants something. It’s because he’s just compelled to help others.

The next step for Love INC is to try and mobilize the Church to come alongside Mark, even if it’s in very small ways. Ultimately, God will provide the next steps and the individuals that are needed to support Mark as he tries to get his life back on track.

Remember earlier, I had wondered how Mark could have such a great attitude? The answer is God. Mark is confident that God will provide what is needed in his life and that it will happen in God’s timing. Any chance God is whispering in your ear, telling you he wants you to come alongside Mark, or others like him?