Say “Yes” to Jewel Stamps!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help people with limited resources while you shop…for free? Now you can! Just make sure that when you shop at Jewel, and they offer you stamps with your receipt, you say “YES!” You might even tell the checker that you’re saving the stamps for Love INC Southwest (spread the word!)

Jewel Osco’s latest promotion provides a Saver Stamp for every $10 Unknownyou spend, which can be used toward FREE Cuisinart cookware!

You can collect the stamps and give them to Love INC, or redeem them for cookware and donate that. If you would prefer to donate the actual pots and pans, these are the ones we need most:

  • 10-inch open nonstick skillet
  • 2 qt covered pourpan
  • 12-inch everyday pan with handles
  • 3 qt covered pourpan

Unknown-1If our churches pull together, who knows how many items we can collect? Please join us in our effort to bless people with the gift of beautiful cookware…at no cost to you!

If you have questions, or stamps to give us, contact Tabitha Nilson our Volunteer Coordinator (Click on her name for here contact page!)

People Raise Hands at 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Love INC gives people in need a hand-up, not a handout. If you’re at all familiar with the ministry of Love INC, you know those words, or at least the concept.  Love in the Name of Christ mobilizes local churches to transform lives and communities. We help in ways that empower people to change their lives rather than ways which enable them to stay in the same place.

Rev. Zina Jacque

But on Saturday September 20, 2014, at the 3rd Annual Love INC Southwest Breakfast Fundraiser, Pastor Zina Jacque, during the Opening Prayer, which she delivered for the second year in a row, gave the “hand-up” a new meaning.

“Love in the Name of Christ gives people a hand-up when they need it most,” she told the crowd of nearly 150 people. “But I wonder, has there been a time in your life, when God provided someone to offer you a hand-up when you needed it?” She then directed the crowd to take the cut-out hands on their table, which represented the hand-up concept, and write the name of someone who had offered them help when they needed it sometime during their lives. And if they felt led, to write a prayer of thanksgiving for that person.

Walter Robb – Whole Foods Market

Then after Keynote Walter Robb, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market gave an inspiring talk about Whole Foods’ efforts to open stores in impoverished areas, as a way of empowering people and communities, Pastor Zina revisited the hands during the Challenge portion of the event.

“Now, I want you to take the hand you wrote on and hold it up high. Then take it over to the Love INC board and stick it on. We want to see that Board covered with the hands of hope that God has provided for you!” And so they did.

The 6ft x 6ft Love INC Hands Board


Can You Tell Who’s Who?

Note: It’s a little easier to figure out who’s who when you’re on our website. This story was originally shared in our weekly bulletin insert which we send to churches to help keep them current on what’s happening at Love INC.

Pictured above are 3 women whose lives have been touched and transformed by the ministry of Love INC Southwest. Their names are Jeanne, Tabitha and Tina. If you have served with us, you probably know at least 2 of them (maybe all 3). But which is which?

Maybe this will help. Among the people pictured, 2 are Love INC staff members, all have volunteered with Love INC, and 2 have received help as clients of Love INC. Hmm… That seems like too many people, right? Continue reading Can You Tell Who’s Who?