New God Miracles, pt. 2

A Love INC Southwest Love Story (pt. 2 of 2)
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by Tabitha Nilson

Last week we introduced you to Deb, a Love INC client-turned-volunteer who continues to be blessed by the mobilized Church. I had taken her to a medical appointment where she was given news from her doctor that was nothing short of miraculous. But Deb’s diagnosis of life wasn’t the end of the story that day.

During our time together, Deb told me more about the loving volunteers, Carol and Martha (from Lifebridge Community Church), who had been giving her rides. She used words like, “classy yet humble.” And she shared how welcoming they have been to her. She went on to describe how Larry, another of our beloved volunteers came over to check on a leak in her basement which has produced black mold. (More on that below.) Continue reading New God Miracles, pt. 2

Love Beyond the Need

A few days ago Nina, a single-mom client of ours came in to pick-up backpacks for her daughters Lillian and Alasi, as well as update us on her life. We asked Nina why we hadn’t heard from her in a while and she told us that she hates asking for things. We of course reminded her that we want to keep up with her, not just her needs.

“I knew I would feel loved if I called my friends at Love INC.”

Nina told us she had realized that while she didn’t want to be dependent on anyone, she would need help to get backpacks for the kids’ new school year. Nina called one organization she thought might help. Not only did they no longer have backpacks, but Nina felt embarrassed for having asked. So she gave us a call. “I knew I would feel loved if I called my friends at Love INC.”

While we were catching-up with Nina, 2 of our longtime volunteers, Michael and Karen stopped by.

Nina Felt Loved

Nina had just begun telling us she had been diagnosed with cancer and just finished radiation treatment. Michael then said that Karen had also been battling cancer and she just finished chemo. Karen and Nina hugged, finding an instant bond.

While this was happening, our Clearinghouse Coordinator Jeanne noticed a big round button which read, “It’s my birthday!” on the shirt of Alasi, Nina’s youngest daughter. Nina told us Alasi had turned 2 just the day before.

Michael remembered recently donating a little pink bike to us, which at that moment was sitting in our warehouse. (We sometimes refer to Michael as The Pied Piper because he has such an amazing way with kids and they tend to follow him around.)

While Jeanne was talking with Nina, Michael was whispering in the ear of Tabitha, our Volunteer Coordinator that the bike would be a perfect birthday present for Alasi. Michael and Tabitha snuck off to the warehouse to get it.

Alasi Smilin' with Her New Bike
Alasi Smilin’ with Her New Bike

As you can see from her face,img_lisw_michael_kids_bike_cropped Alasi was thrilled and then some. And her mom was brought to tears. Nina’s other daughter was feeling stylish as she showed off her new backpack filled with cool school supplies.

Lillian Stylin' with Her New Backpack
Lillian Stylin’ with Her New Backpack

Not only did God bring Nina and Karen together to share a loving, sympathetic hug, but he also brought Michael here at just the right moment to remind us of the bike he had donated, which became the perfect, pink, 2-wheeled birthday present for Alasi. And on top of that, Lillian started school decked-out in an awesome new backpack! 2 cancer victims sharing a loving hug…a little girl and a new bike…another girl and a new backpack… Feel the love!

New God Miracles, pt. 1

A Love INC Southwest Love Story (pt. 1 of 2)
by Tabitha Nilson

Love INC has been working with Deb for about 2 years now. When she came to us, her reason for calling was to seek help paying an electric bill. But a bigger need she had was a car. The one she had was not drivable and was too costly to repair. But the car had meaning to Deb well beyond transportation. It was the last tangible connection to her son who had been killed.

No matter the issue that gets people to call us, we try to uncover other needs they have so we can mobilize local churches around them. We also look for ways to connect them to community, including challenging them to volunteer with us. Continue reading New God Miracles, pt. 1