Used Mowers Fill the Gaps

Can the grass be too green on our side of the fence? We found that the answer is “yes” when we recently had 3 requests in a row from single mothers who weren’t able to mow the lawns of their Section 8 residences.

Clip Art Illustration of a Hispanic Girl Mowing the LawnIt wasn’t that they didn’t want to do the work (or have their teens do it). The problem was lack of equipment. None of them had a mower to cut their grass. So the atypical requests came to Love INC.

We went to our first and always best resource, our partner churches. Proving once again that God can use absolutely anything He wants to provide for His people in need (including a few local garage sales), we were soon in possession of 3 used but functioning lawn mowers! Continue reading Used Mowers Fill the Gaps

Not to be Served, but to Serve

Last month we mentioned our friend Judy in a post stressing the importance of continuing to walk alongside people in transition, even they reach important milestones like finding employment. While we need to celebrate victories with those experiencing transformation, they may need our support as much ever as they move toward achieving their goals.

3e6rpuvo4ogjlibuuyexz16p8q8mdlJudy continues to provide us with inspiration in so many ways. And today we want to focus on the way she models Jesus through her desire to serve others.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others.” Matthew 20:28 NLT

Continue reading Not to be Served, but to Serve

Christmas in July

Yesterday I felt the warmth of heart that normally comes only with Christmas. However, I felt it on July 16. What could make my heart comic_characters_filmmaker_clip_art_25040-2feel like it was Christmas in July? Love INC Southwest video day.

Yesterday was the day we shot what has become the annual Love INC Southwest video to be shown at our September Fundraiser Breakfast and throughout the year. And the gift of seeing our clients, volunteers, a partner church liaison, staff and even a Board Member sharing their experiences of serving and being served by God through our ministry touched my heart and my soul. Continue reading Christmas in July

Serving is an Answer to Prayer

I have been seeking employment for 5 years and praying for God to show me His plan for my life during this time. It appears to me that using my skills to serve with Love INC is the answer to that prayer.

volunteer nancy cWhat Nancy didn’t know while she was praying that prayer, was that at the same time, we were praying that God would send someone with her skills to serve with us. One thing we never have enough of is people who are wired to understand systems and processes. Continue reading Serving is an Answer to Prayer