10 Years and 1,300 Families loved in the name of Christ

10 YEARS AGO, a group of caring individuals and churches collaborated to create a new organization, Love INC Lake County Southwest. Over the course of ten years, with your support, our network of churches and volunteers loved 1,300 families in the name of Christ. Thank you!

TODAY, in light of the profound impact of the pandemic, we’re aggressively pursuing our purpose with renewed dedication. We are committed, especially in light of the current challenges, to discover and create meaningful ways for the church to engage.

We have delivered 908 meals to families across Lake County. Each meal was delivered through the partnership of Barrington Area Churches and volunteers.

We have more creative outreach projects underway! We’re helping youth groups meet needs within their own communities. We’re creating bridges for local churches and connecting with isolated adults sheltering in place. Please, encourage Christ’s compassion through the willing hands ready to serve in His name. Please, consider a donation today. We need your help to build on our legacy to reach and love neighbors in need.

All in the name of Christ,
Kristen “Moxie” Johnson